Values at Virtualitics: How we build innovative people and products


Just last week we announced that Virtualitics was included on Built In’s 2023 Best Places to Work list, for a second time! The list is developed based on information about companies including compensation and benefits, flexible and remote work options, and company culture. We wanted to share a little more about this last part, and why it makes Virtualitics an incredible place to work; especially for innovative people.

What we value at Virtualitics

As a company, Virtualitics has five core values that we live and work by internally and with our customers:

  • Mission
  • Performance
  • Compassion
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Together, these values represent an effort to nurture innovative employees and provide unparalleled solutions in the field of advanced analytics. These values don’t manifest without effort and intention; we actively work to pursue these attributes and encourage employees to do the same, both individually and as part of their teams.

In order to support these values, Virtualitics creates an environment for employees to cultivate innovative techniques and products. These are just a few examples of how we don’t just say that we’re innovative; we actively work to foster continual innovation.

At Virtualitics we never stop learning

With the roots of our company firmly in academia, we are passionate learners. We never want our employees to feel like their opportunities to learn have ended! To help employees continue their education, Virtualitics reimburses employees for up to $1,000 a year for continuing education. Employees may use those funds to attend conferences, earn certificates, take courses, or purchase books. Anything that will help them expand their skillset is fair game!

Virtualitics encourages employees to take credit for the groundbreaking work that they are doing by submitting journal articles and applying for patents when they have a novel development. 

We also have a quarterly internal conference for our AI team where they can provide a “show and tell” to share recent work among our own teams, then crowdsource recommendations and ideas. This facilitates knowledge sharing among our teams and prepares them to present at larger conferences. Their presentations might include customer case studies, new computer vision modules, or new techniques paired with demonstrated examples. All of these developments are presented in a forum where our teams are free to focus on the technical execution of the solution, no business case required.

Innovators ask questions and take risks

Virtualitics is supported by a scientific advisory board that includes some of the biggest and brightest minds in data science. This group makes an incredible sounding board for our own teams. They are available to us each month, taking questions and offering valuable perspectives on the current state of the field. 

Our own leadership team takes the time to make themselves available to us, and our values of performance, compassion, and transparency are reflected in how they communicate and work with our teams.

Direct managers work with their employees to set quarterly goals and provide constructive feedback and advice. We encourage our employees to set ambitious goals because we know that we can’t build innovative solutions in our comfort zone. Tina Woita, our VP of Revenue Strategy and Operations, puts it this way:

“Innovation is bred out of risk. Trust yourself, take that risk and ask for what you want. Advocate for yourself, your ideas, and your mission. Model and promote that same behavior for your teams, so they have the confidence and tenacity to take risks. If you can do that, you will develop some of the most high-performing teams in the business.”

Ultimately, our goal is to build high-performing teams empowered to create innovative products. And we’re doing that every day. Do you think Virtualitics sounds like a place where you could thrive? Check our current job openings. 

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