The Virtualitics AI Platform

Move from data to impact all in a single platform.

Elevate Beyond BI Dashboards

Seeing doesn’t always mean believing, which is why a traditional dashboard falls short. The Virtualitics AI Platform empowers users to engage with data through interactive experiences and explainable recommendations.

Dashboards tell users where their data is and give them options for reporting the current status.

AI-powered applications help users determine if they have the right data, find substantive evidence, and make strategic decisions based on relevant data.

Built to Drive Decision Intelligence

AI alone doesn’t create impact. It takes reliable AI Applications like those in the Virtualitics AI Platform to unlock insights worthy of action.

Data Flexibility

Essential data may be overlooked if your tools aren't up to the challenge. Our flexibility in data sources and formats allows AI applications to address often unconsidered data.

Decision Transparency

Explainable AI for predictions and decision-making simulations creates AI experiences with recommendations you can trace back to the data.

Ad-hoc Analysis

Big decisions need detailed scrutiny, which is why our platform allows users to dig deeper into data and lend their own intelligence to complement explainable AI insights.

Intuitive Developer Environment

Tailor interfaces to serve a variety of users from executives to analysts, so everyone can make targeted decisions based on relevant data.

Award-winning AI Technology

Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award recognizes Virtualitics for the way we apply our technology in new ways to improve existing products and services and elevate the customer experience. Download the full Frost & Sullivan report to see how Virtualitics positions itself as a frontrunner in data analytics and business intelligence through a meticulously customer-centric approach. 

AI-Powered and Enterprise Ready

Security & Governance

Tracking, automation, and governance for your Apps, Data, and Models.

Account Management

Manage enterprise users with ease and granular access controls.

Data & Deployments

Flexibility around deployment and data connectors to streamline your adoption.

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.