Meet Virtualitics

We empower organizations with AI to solve mission-critical problems and make the world a better place

About Virtualitics

Virtualitics, a leader in AI decision intelligence, transforms enterprise and government decision-making. Our Al-powered platform applications, built on a decade of Caltech research, enhance data analysis with interactive, intuitive, and visually engaging AI tools. We transform data into impact with AI-powered intelligence, delivering the insights that help everyone reach impact faster. Trusted by governments and businesses, Virtualitics makes AI accessible, actionable, and transparent for analysts, data scientists, and leaders, driving significant business results.

Our Story

Founded by a team of visionary data scientists and entrepreneurs, Virtualitics was born out of a decade of groundbreaking research at Caltech.

Our founders recognized the growing complexity of data landscapes and the urgent need for advanced tools to make sense of it all.

They set out to create a platform powered by AI that combines the depth of academic research with practical, real-world applications.

Their vision has come to life as the Virtualitics AI Platform, which enables users to explore and understand vast amounts of data quickly and intuitively, transforming data into impact with AI-powered intelligence. In short, our AI applications drive strategic decisions that deliver valuable results.

Our Commitment to Ethical AI

We are dedicated to making artificial intelligence safe, accessible, and actionable. Our technology supports mission-critical applications in both the public and private sectors. Whether enhancing operational readiness for government agencies or driving business innovation in Fortune 500 companies, Virtualitics stands at the forefront of AI-driven decision intelligence.

Transform Data into Impact

Our Al-powered intelligence helps organizations move from data overload to actionable insights quickly and efficiently.

Drive Decisions

We deliver the insights that help everyone get to impact faster, empowering decision-makers at all levels.

Customer-Centric Innovation

We are committed to creating scalable, customizable solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Proven Expertise

Built on a decade of Caltech research and validated through our work with government and enterprise partners.

Join the AI Decision Intelligence Movement

We invite you to join us in revolutionizing how organizations interact with their data. With Virtualitics, you can navigate complexity, discover intelligence, and drive decisions that make a difference.

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.