Virtualitics for Enterprise

AI-powered applications and insights that take enterprises from data to impact with decision intelligence.


Effective maintenance operations need a holistic approach, especially large-scale enterprise operations. Disconnected data systems leave teams with unanswered questions, preventing them from taking the right actions to minimize disruptions and optimize performance. To streamline critical maintenance decisions teams must consider pre-existing maintenance activities, simulate future asset usage, predict failures, optimize inventory, prioritize facilities, manage their workforce, and more.

Virtualitics’ comprehensive Maintenance Decision Intelligence application delivers AI-driven answers to guide teams as they respond to events and improve availability. This groundbreaking app combines all the puzzle pieces so teams always know the next right move to manage valuable assets.


AI applications have emerged as transformative tools in the healthcare industry, offering solutions that enhance patient care, optimize workflows, and advance medical research. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI algorithms can assist in diagnosing diseases earlier and more accurately, personalizing treatment plans, predicting patient outcomes, and identifying trends to improve population health management.

For example, Virtualitics partnered with the Columbia University Medical Center to explore the link between lung cancer mortality and flu epidemics. High-dimensional visualizations combined with AI routines allowed researchers to examine and fully understand the complex relationships within the data.

Financial Services

The financial industry faces competitive challenges as companies navigate digital transformation and the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI). Virtualitics helps enterprises enter a new phase of decision intelligence and deliver business results through AI orchestration and governance with transparency, security, and flexibility.

We’re discovering with Virtualitics... the simplicity of being able to root out patterns versus some of the other products out there. With other tools, we kind of had to have an idea of where to look before we could discover insights. Virtualitics leads us a little bit more; it gives an AI-guided nudge in the direction that we should be looking and explains why we want to look there.

–Jeff Vagg, CDAO, North American Bancard


Analysts are overloaded with information from multiple sources, often with conflicting
insights that make it difficult to determine the best path forward. In addition to that challenge, cyber security is more scrutinized than ever, with obstacles constantly escalating. As threats quickly change and evolve, decision paralysis can set in due to the vast amount of overlapping information from devices, networks, and systems.

Virtualitics guides network analysts, threat intelligence analysts, and vulnerability management specialists beyond decision paralysis to strategic action.

Supply Chain

Siloed data isn’t inherently bad, but correlating data from disparate sources can make it incredibly hard to gain a clear, actionable understanding of your supply chain. Enterprises need collaborative platforms that facilitate cross-departmental and stakeholder engagement to align operational planning with financial goals and market dynamics.

Virtualitics allows teams to simulate supply chain conditions and outcomes tailored to their specific market conditions and business models. By achieving a holistic view of the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers, teams drive continuous improvement, optimize their resources, and elevate their performance.

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.