Integrated Readiness Optimization

Effective sustainment operations demand a holistic strategy

Disconnected Systems Leave Critical Sustainment Questions Unanswered

Maintainers experience decision distress that is compounded by a growing number of data sources and pressure to utilize conflicting analytics in their decision-making Monitoring complete systems means considering pre-existing maintenance activities, simulating future maintenance events, predicting failures, optimizing inventory and spare kit parts, prioritizing your facilities and manpower, and so much more.

This variety of events and data is too much for humans to manage alone. Teams need answers driven by efficient and trustworthy AI, that show an integrated plan of how to respond to events, optimize resources, and improve mission performance.

AI Makes Integrated Readiness
Optimization Possible

AI-Powered Readiness Operations

The AI Applications in the Virtualitics IRO suite provide an unparalleled level of efficiency and insight, combining varied data sets to realize a cumulative impact for sustainment operations.

IRO Maintenance

Al-powered asset risk assessment, operational planning, resource constraint analysis, and scheduling optimization to maintain asset uptime and performance.

IRO Workforce

Al-powered mapping and identification of degraders to workforce readiness across the enterprise to uncover the potential impact to your operational initiatives.

IRO Materiel

Al-powered optimization of materiel inventory, storage, spares, and movement while adhering to stringent warehousing and munitions safety constraints.

IRO Cyber

Al-powered cyber threat identification, device fingerprinting, vulnerability prioritization to enable actionable cyber security decision-making.

IRO Programming

Al-powered flagging of duplicative and redundant initiatives in budgets and program management.

Deployed at Scale in the Mission Today

Integrated Readiness Optimization is already driving positive results across the Department of Defense.

  • Awarded over 21 SBIR Contracts
  • Winner Trident Spectre
  • Winner Nuclear Weapons Pitch Day
  • Winner Air Force STRATFI Award

Powering the Mission

Integrated Readiness Optimization serves diverse missions and drives consistent impact.

30% potential improvement in efficiency to scheduling processes

24% of MX jobs flagged as "No-Go" (resource constrained) by IRO

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.