Public Sector

Transform data into impact with mission-specific decision enablement applications powered by AI.

Virtualitics is the Mission AI Company

Integrated Readiness Optimization

Integrated Readiness Optimization (IRO) is the first-in-market suite of AI-powered Apps tailored to enable decision-making across EAM and ERP business processes. The Virtualitics AI Platform enables users to extend and configure IRO apps with a comprehensive Developer Experience.

Leaders need insight from varied sources on the health of their systems, but the interdependencies for mission-critical insight are challenging to extract and time-consuming to analyze. Plus, the foresight for parts and personnel to address challenges can collectively decrease the impact and risk for operations

Integrated Readiness Optimization ML models can:

Identify future trends and strategic areas for action

Correlate fix rates, negative drivers, and inform supply need

Highlight limiting factors in sustainment, and identify gaps

Schedule maintenance to ensure assets are at the highest readiness levels

Materiel Logistics Planning

Part of the IRO suite, Materiel Logistics Planning helps teams maximize the storage space for their assets. Airmen spend tens of thousands of hours transcribing munitions storage data annually by manually filling in squares on graph paper, a representation of a storage structure, then copying that into an Excel database to report their stockpile configuration.

Virtualitics’ Materiel Logistics Planning application delivers an advanced analytical constraints solver, visualization workflow application software, and accompanying field interface for mobile users to improve the MSP process significantly.

Force Readiness

Striking a balance between investing in emergent technology and equipment while ensuring appropriate training requires careful resource allocation, strategic planning, and agile decision-making to address both short-term operational requirements and long-term readiness goals.

As part of the IRO suite, our AI application includes Natural Language Processing capabilities to extract insights from unstructured readiness reporting.
Extrapolate insights to identify the impact of readiness themes across the Force. AI capabilities including network extractor and anomaly detection enable analysts to manipulate and analyze data.

Program Assessment

The federal government funds more than five million projects annually, at a cost of over three trillion dollars. This scale makes it very difficult for government analysts to gauge the effectiveness of these investments.

Virtualitics applies natural language processing and machine learning techniques to uncover hidden connections within a programmatic and funding landscape. These capabilities seamlessly combine structured financial, personnel, and programmatic data sources with unstructured project data to understand the overall drivers of success. We enable analysts and programmers to identify overlapping projects, discover potential financial offsets, understand the alignment of projects to strategic goals, and identify future financial and programmatic risks.

Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Intelligence analysts face some of the most complex technological problems and need analytic tools to help them fulfill their responsibilities.

Virtualitics provides new analysis methods aided by ML/AI to automate workflows and combine disparate data sources. We provide an analysis toolset capable of true data fusion analysis. Applying custom ML/AI into workflows can automate many of the challenging and cumbersome tasks that analysts face day each day.

Cyber Analysis

Cybersecurity analysts face many problems due to data saturation, tool diversity, and an ever-changing number of data feeds. This creates scenarios where threats can be easily overlooked, resulting in a breach or incident.

Virtualitics combines data sources including vulnerability data, threat picture, key terrain, and geospatial records, applying ML models to predict future trends, identify anomalies, and allocate resources to the most important threats. By leveraging AI data analysis techniques, we empower the cyber analyst and reduce their cognitive load.

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.