Maintenance Decision Intelligence

Groundbreaking AI to transform data into strategic action

Disconnected Data Leaves Teams in the Dark

Teams who don’t see and understand the big picture can’t take action to minimize disruptions and keep business running smoothly. Monitoring complex systems means looking at pre-existing maintenance activities while also simulating future maintenance needs. But you can’t forget about trying to predict failures and optimize inventory, all while prioritizing your facilities and manpower. And just when you think you might have a handle on all of that, a surprise pops up that you have to manage.


There is just too much complex data for humans to handle alone. Teams need fast answers driven by trustworthy AI to show them how to respond to events, optimize resources, and improve overall readiness. That’s why we created Maintenance Decision Intelligence (MDI).

MDI: An AI Decision Application with Explainability, Interaction, and Visualization

For Teams that Aspire Beyond Predictive Maintenance.

Maintenance operational leaders are overwhelmed with siloed information, hindering effective decision-making. MDI combines diverse data sets to provide unparalleled efficiency and insight, answering critical questions about potential failures, optimal responses, and the impact of actions on sustainment operations.

  • What is about to fail?
  • How should we respond?
  • What would happen if we took this action?

MDI gives teams an unparalleled level of efficiency and insight, combining varied data sets to see cumulative impact for sustainment operations and answer these questions.

Scheduling Optimization

Al generated scheduling that optimizes across resource availability constraints, all maintenance needs, and asset usage & uptime requirements

Asset Risk Assessment

Al-powered survival analysis to determine when and why asset components are going to fail. IRO seamlessly integrates with your existing Predictive MX tools.

Operational Planning

Simulate strategies and surges in asset use and uncover the impact on MX operations and resource availability ahead of time.

Developed and Proven in Critical Environments

MDI was developed as a focused Integrated Readiness Optimization tool for the US Department of Defense and is already delivering results. Our app includes multiple US Patents and has already been proven capable of analyzing over a decade of historical data and millions of records.

30% improvement in maintenance scheduling efficiency by predicting failures and optimal actions.

Eliminate 24% of maintenance jobs from getting erroneously scheduled due to resource constraints

Powering the Mission

MDI helps teams accomplish daily tasks that make a significant impact on operations.

Predictive Maintenance + Survival Models

Operational Planning + Lookahead Simulations

Resource Availability Planning + Constraint Modeling

Scheduling Optimization + Constraint Solving

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.