Demonstrate Project Success


Report Results with Confidence

With five million projects funded every year measuring success, defending spend, and measuring compliance are both critical and overwhelming. It’s never just one thing that drives value or demonstrates compliance; it’s a compilation of deliverables and data that illustrate success. Building that data story can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Intelligent Exploration and deployed AI workflows can connect the dots from contract to outcome and give you the framework you need to report with confidence.

Prove the value of strategic objectives

1. Explore

Quickly uncover deep insight in your datasets by leveraging no-code data science techniques.

2. Define

Validate your insight, and revisit it if necessary. Once you’ve confirmed its value, prepare your data story.

3. Solve

Review insight and potential options with stakeholders; select device and deploy the right solution.

Explore with AI

Extract Critical Insight From Across Data Sources

To measure performance to contract requirements effectively, data needs from a number of different places, from numerical data to periodic reports. Program reports can be substantial, so extracting the most important data from them is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error.

Virtualitics Intelligent Exploration can find the connections in varied datasets, extracting relevant data and comparing it to contractual goals. This ensures that nothing gets overlooked and the full value of a program is measured.

Define your Approach

Find the Throughline from Action to Outcome

Virtualitics reviews and validates findings with stakeholders, using clear 3D visualizations to help stakeholders consume the insight and provide context on the program.

Virtualitics creates customAI models to measure the interplay between programmatic interactions with a single metric to demonstrate success.

This iterative process between the Virtualitics and stakeholders enables the discovery of a clear, reportable throughline between program investment and desired outcomes.

Solve with Confidence

Deploy an AI-Powered Report That Speaks to Success

The final result of ROI assessment is a repeatable, easy to consume, interactive report that measures program success and supports budgeting, reprogramming, and strategy or policy adjustments.

The foundational exploration and definition steps are leveraged to identify the most effective measures of program outcomes and content for an auditable report.

Program leaders will have a deployed, AI-powered report that they can speak to with confidence and leverage to inform future policy.

Connect work to results

Virtualitics brings complex data stories to life with dynamic 3D visualizations that clearly illustrate multiple relationships and facilitate exploration from every angle. Maximize your analysts ability to drill into data, share information, and deliver transformative insight to the business.