Hit the Mark with Customer Segmentation


Let AI Paint the Picture

Customer behavior is never driven by just one thing. People are complex and it’s a combination of factors that influences what they’ll do next. Unfortunately, customer segmentation with BI tools is still forcing analysts to look at one variable at a time, burying the insight you need to create a full picture of your customers under a pile of tables. With traditional BI tools, more data just brings more charts and more work, not richer personas. But when you empower analysts with AI-guided exploration, they can uncover the profiles that really drive your business.

Create Rich Customer Profiles

1. Explore

Quickly uncover deep insight in your datasets by leveraging no-code data science techniques.

2. Define

Validate your insight, and revisit it if necessary. Once you’ve confirmed its value, prepare your data story.

3. Solve

Review insight and potential options with stakeholders; select device and deploy the right solution.

Explore with AI

Discover drivers of behavior

By leveraging a combination of Virtualitics’ no-code AI techniques, analysts can analyze hundreds of data points at once to create rich and meaningful customer profiles.

Smart Mapping ranks the influence of every column of customer information and illustrates where the top drivers intersect. For an alternate view, analysts can group customers into communities based on their similarity to one another using our patented Network Extractor.

Leveraging different AI techniques to explore data allows analysts to expose hidden insight.

Define your Approach

Discover your ideal customers

Analysts don’t have to connect the dots to discover meaning. Automatic insight generated in plain language for each analysis ensures that every finding of significance is surfaced.

Walk domain experts through the insights, illustrated with clear 3D visualizations to determine which signal has the most business value.

Whether it’s targeted outreach to a richly defined community with the highest number of target buyers or capitalizing on the top drivers of your desired behavior, create a clear plan of action.

Solve with Confidence

Target today’s customer

Analysts can capture their explorations in repeatable workflows and use them to take stakeholders through the data story so they can understand the insight and make informed decisions about how to use it.

Workflows also enable others to replicate the findings or apply the same approach to different datasets, to create consistency and measure change over time.

Refresh profiles as targets change, external factors shift, or as you get more information so that you’ve always got the most up-to-date insight.

Know Your Customers

Empower the analysts working with your marketing, sales, and customer teams to create rich, relevant, and actionable customer profiles. When you make Virtualitics’ Intelligent Exploration a part of your business data strategy, your analysts can do more with customer data to take your business further.