Virtualitics AI Platform

Intelligent Exploration that creates the foundation for trusted, transformative AI

Explore without limits

AI-Driven Exploration

Virtualitics’ Intelligent Exploration uses AI and ML models to analyze rich, multi-dimensional data and quickly finds the patterns in your data.

  • Natural Language Query

    NLQ lets anyone extract insights from data with logical requests instead of coding.

    Virtualitics’ NLQ tool runs extended queries on one input—taking a question like “Why are sales up?” and running many routines to find the answer and illustrate it with the right visual.

  • Smart Mapping

    Instantly find and understand the driving features in your data.

    This machine learning routine instantly pulls out the features from your data that are driving results. Ranked according to impact, you’ll know which features matter most and where to focus your attention.

  • Automated Insights

    Intelligent Exploration instantly detects insights in the analysis.

    Virtualitics’ Insights detects important combinations of characteristics revealing critical trends, highlights them in the visualization, and allows further exploration so you don’t miss anything.

Intelligent Network Graph Analysis

Patented ML technology to detect and generate networks in 3D so you can explore communities and their connections.

  • Network Extraction

    Our patented AI-powered Network Extractor quickly finds hidden communities in categorical and numerical data.

    Only Virtualitics automatically discovers behavior and segmentation in complex datasets, making network graphs for deep, mixed-data exploration possible.

  • Network Visualization

    Proprietary network visualization capabilities create clear, 3D network graphs.

    Virtualitics has perfected graph visualization by producing 3D networks, properly spatialized, that enable you to explore from every angle. And we do it 100X faster than other graphing software.

  • Networked Insights

    Virtualitics Insights identifies and displays the significance of communities we discover in your network.

    See which characteristics define communities and drive member behavior. Know the magnitude and strength of community connections and find the most impactful path forward.

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

Share information with your teams in the way that your brain processes best—3D visuals.

  • Insight in 3D

    Our exploratory capabilities are created for complex data sets.

    Display up to 12 dimensions at a time in our powerful 3D visuals. AI and ML analysis processes dozens of columns of data at a time, finding the highest-impact features for you to explore in tangible 3D visuals.

  • Suggested Mapping

    There’s more than one way to look at your data.

    Virtualitics recommends additional visualizations that highlight insights learned from Intelligent Exploration. Easily consider options, see findings from different angles, and pick the best visuals to share with stakeholders.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Intelligent Anomaly Detection finds statistical outliers and extremes in your data.

    Identify, label, and easily share rare events with stakeholders. Anomaly Detection keeps teams focused on impactful trends because they see and avoid distractions, even in large datasets.

Experience data in 3D

Virtual Reality

Bring people inside valuable insights to increase engagement and understanding.

  • Align Stakeholders

    Build buy-in from the top with engaging discovery of your findings.

    Allow leadership to interact with intuitive 3D visuals in a shared, immersive space. Help everyone see the direction your discovery can give, then gain informed executive buy-in so your project can take off.

  • Increase Engagement

    Virtual reality increases engagement, so you get and keep the attention of stakeholders.

    VR helps non-data experts understand insights, communicate, and make confident strategic decisions. The transformative power of AI needs everyone on board; VR helps your team get there.

  • Give Room to Stories

    Tell your data’s story with 3D visualizations proven to increase understanding and retention.

    Bring annotations and insights into context and build presentations for executive teams. Our virtual space has room to look at multiple visuals, comparing and evaluating insights.

Shared Virtual Office

The Shared Virtual Office (SVO) is a real-time collaborative space where multiple users can connect to analyze data together.

  • Accessible Collaboration

    Securely collaborate deep in your data from any location.

    Shared Virtual Office lets everyone see, touch, and explore data, no matter where they are. Accelerate the discovery and design of useful AI applications with business and data science teams problem-solving together.

  • Create & Manage Together

    Manage collaborative sessions with ease.

    Create and join network rooms directly from Virtualitics, inviting and managing attendees. Our Shared Virtual office includes embedded audio, so you don’t need to have a separate meeting session open to collaborate with colleagues.

  • Storytelling for Everyone

    Clear direction takes teams from observation to action.

    Turn annotations into plans as you analyze and prioritize information from Insight Cards within visualizations with stakeholders. Help everyone see the data behind your drivers, so you can move forward with confidence.

3D Visuals

Share information with your teams in the way that your brain processes best—3D visuals.

  • Intuitive Visualizations

    3D visuals aren’t just more engaging; they give you a cognitive boost.

    Our visualizations build understanding of the meaning in your complex data. They don’t just look amazing–they promote examining data from every angle and make the interplay between dimensions clear.

  • Multi-faceted Relationships

    Consider every relationship in your data, not just 1:1 comparisons.

    2D visuals can’t analyze how multi-faceted relationships impact your business. Our 3D visuals tie data together in many ways, while AI-generated insights guide teams to important communities and interactions.

  • Remove Distortion and Assumptions

    Don’t let assumptions drive your analytics.

    2D visuals force teams to narrow their search before they begin. Virtualitics considers all of your data, without forced perspective or assumed relationships, then builds 3D visuals that don’t have distortion or limit analysis.

Deploy trusted AI

Trust your AI

Trust that your AI model is solving the right problems for your business.

  • Solve the Right Problem

    AI fails at deployment when it’s not addressing the right issues.

    Deploy relevant AI that solves the right challenge. With exploration that took the complexity of your business into account and surfaced the drivers that mattered, you know that your model will be on target.

  • Ensure High Performance

    The Virtualitics AI Platform enables robust iteration so you can deploy high-impact AI.

    Embedded AI routines uncover where your model underperforms so you can iterate, test, and deploy robust, high-performing models that successfully address the problem they’re designed for.

  • Deploy for Success

    Put models into the hands of users with single-step application development and deployment.

    Confidently deploy models grounded in viable features with stakeholder support. Make high-performing models accessible to teams who will use recommendations to drive positive action.

Turn trust into action

People need to trust AI before they can put it to work. That trust should start from the top.

  • Promote Action

    Give users clear recommendations so they know what to do next and why.

    Along with the AI-generated action, embed the next step directly into the app to streamline operations. Then capture the action taken so that you can continue to measure and refine your AI model.

  • Model Scenarios

    Keep people in the loop to apply models appropriately.

    Leverage interactive Scenario Modeling to test recommendations with different inputs. From generating a new prediction with different data to validating next moves, scenario modeling builds trust and informs decisions.

  • Build Understanding

    You don’t have to be a data expert to understand and use AI.

    Deliver easy-to-understand breakdowns as dashboards or storytelling flows of your AI model. Show which factors you considered and how the AI applied them to generate the predictions to inspire trust and action.

Validate results

AI has the potential to profoundly impact your business–ensure that you’re getting the results that you want.

  • Monitor Your Model

    Get notified when your model operates outside the intended boundaries.

    Outside factors and operational changes will impact your model, and there will be scenarios the model wasn’t intended for. Ongoing monitoring and notifications help you monitor and maintain operations.

  • Deploy AI Responsibly

    Continually assess risk and impact so your AI delivers results. AI model development is never one-and-done.

    Track your models with monitoring dashboards, and use our patented AI-driven exploration tools against model residuals to identify possible improvements to your model.

  • Root Out Bias

    Make sure that your model works without racialized or otherwise biased data.

    Find bias in your model with intelligent exploration that detects and describes the groups being impacted, and surfaces the dimensions that are driving that impact, so you can identify alternatives.

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