Making the Leap to
Advanced Analytics

Today’s technical landscape remains strongly rooted in the tools that the data analysis field started with. Our data has gotten more complex but the technology needed to understand it has not evolved to keep up.

From Descriptive to Prescriptive: The Analytics Evolution

The analytics landscape today has come a long way since the early days.

Modern analytics categories are often placed on a ‘maturity curve’, suggesting that they build on each other.

Making the Leap to Advanced Analytics

But moving from basic descriptive analytics to the more advanced prescriptive analytics is no small step up.

You’re dealing with more complex data, different types of information, and intricate relationships between them.

Closing the Gap: Your Data Strategies Need Intelligent Exploration

To harness the power of advanced analytics, you need to understand your data and learn what’s behind the outcomes you care about.

The tools we’ve been using to analyze and visualize data for basic analytics are great for dashboards.

But advanced analytics means exploring more data more thoroughly, without any preconceived ideas or biases that might limit your findings.

Without the right tools, a lot of organizations skip this step leaving critical insight undiscovered.

There is an exploration gap in Advanced Analytics and it’s putting your data-based strategies at risk.

This can lead to inaccurate results and missed opportunities, whether it’s providing game-changing insight or creating the foundation for AI.

Virtualitics Bridges the Gap and Makes Intelligent Data Exploration Possible

Virtualitics helps you understand intricate and complex data sets.

With built-in data science techniques, you can make the power of AI-powered data exploration available to anyone.

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