Machine Learning and Immersive Visualization

Empower your business through AI+VR

VIP – Virtualitics Immersive Platform is a state of the art data analytics platform available on Desktop and Virtual Reality


Machine Learning 3D Visualization

AI-driven visualizations

Discover VIP, our advanced data analytics platform that merges AI and immersive visualization for data exploration, insights and collaboration:

    • Unlock the power of high-dimensional visualization in desktop and VR to better understand your data
    • Use our easy-to-use embedded machine learning routines to discover insights in your data within seconds
    • Our SVO – Shared Virtual Office makes collaborating and analyzing data from anywhere in the world seamless

Expert advisory services

Our team of highly trained machine learning experts have decades of cutting edge research and industry experience implementing effective data pipelines for predictive analytics. We build customized models and data workflows that integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing tech stack. We provide:

    • Data engineering and efficient design for robust data pipelines
    • State-of-the-art machine learning models
    • Effective, highly performant code that can be easily updated

Virtualitics: Immerse yourself in your data!

Learn how to integrate VIP in your pipeline using the new Python API

Fintech Innovation Lab NY presents Virtualitics


Columbia Medical Center

“The Virtualitics team’s insightfulness in looking at healthcare data from several advantage points has accelerated our analytics. They rapidly dived into the data, explored it with very open-mind and at the end showed a thorough understanding of the challenges in both the technical and medical realms.”

Dr. Simon Cheng
Program Director of Radiation Oncology


“Virtualitics has not only helped us to save time but has allowed us to seamlessly identify critical business insights that have generated tangible book-value for our supply chain customers. Their embedded advanced machine learning features, combined with an immersive & collaborative 3D/VR environment, represent an excellent and unique mixture of customization.”

Dr. Alban Quillaud
VP Digital Innovation & Analytics