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Industry-leading, enterprise AI solutions

Powered by a suite of AI-enabled products, Virtualitics provides a rapidly deployable end-to-end solution that quickly preprocesses and fuses data sources, builds predictive AI models, and leverages our best-in-class data analytics and visualization platform for exploration and collaboration in either desktop or virtual reality.

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    Virtualitics Immersive Platform®

    Patented AI-driven data analytics and 3D visualization platform that lets anyone, at the click of a button, get actionable insights from complex data.

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    Virtualitics Predict

    Predict is a powerful predictive data analytics platform that leverages advanced machine learning techniques to better predict potential outcomes based on historical data.

End-to-end AI Solution

We dramatically improve the understanding of the data

Virtualitics offers industry-leading, enterprise AI solutions enabling companies and the government to make better and faster data-driven decisions.

Gather and clean the data

Gather data from multiple sources and easily clean and merge them. Data diagnostic reports help display useful information on data health.

Ingest the cleansed data

Cleaned data can then be ingested into Predict which is a predictive modeling product that provides insight into future outcomes based on their historical data.


Finally Virtualitics Immersive Platform allows users to visualize, analyze, and explore their data for insight discovery. The platform also allows users to collaborate and share using our Shared Virtual Office in either desktop or virtual reality.


Virtualitics selected as technology of strategic importance to the nation

Virtualitics selected by the Air Force for first Strategic award on March 13th, 2020.

dod team whiteboard session vr headset testing
  • "...Virtualitics created some local [covid] models for us of the counties surrounding each of our bases. They took that national data and really gave us some predictive models. What turned out is that we started tracking their predictions and then we went back and tracked how accurate they were. Who goes back and grades the Weather Channel’s paper, right? Whether they got it right? But we started to grade this [ML model], and it was incredibly accurate, certainly more than accurate enough for us to make very timely decisions. "

    General Timothy Ray

    Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command

  • "The Virtualitics team’s insightfulness in looking at healthcare data from several advantage points has accelerated our analytics. They rapidly dived into the data, explored it with very open-mind and at the end showed a thorough understanding of the challenges in both the technical and medical realms."

    Dr. Simon Cheng

    Program Director of Radiation Oncology at Columbia Medical Center

  • "Virtualitics has not only helped us to save time but has allowed us to seamlessly identify critical business insights that have generated tangible book-value for our supply chain customers. Their embedded advanced machine learning features, combined with an immersive & collaborative 3D/VR environment, represent an excellent and unique mixture of customization."

    Dr. Alban Quillaud

    VP Digital Innovation & Analytics at Kuehne + Nagel


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Virtualitics has published hundreds of papers in AI and data visualization.

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