Power Intelligent Exploration from Databricks and get more from your data

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The potential of your data is going untapped

Analysts have only been able to do surface level analysis of your organization’s data, limited by tools designed for reporting, not discovering business-changing insight. This has restricted the impact they can have on the business, and minimizes the value of the data that you are carefully curating.

Explore with confidence: keep data secure in Databricks

Virtualitics pushes queries to Databricks and explores the datasets in-memory, leveraging your existing governance and keeping data in Databricks.




Find the signal
in your complex data

AI-Generated analysis can make sense of complex datasets so analysts don’t need to guess and check multiple hypotheses to find signal

Level up your data strategy
with empowered analysts

Put powerful data science capabilities into the hands of analysts so they can uncover insight that moves the business forward, from better reports to the foundations for AI use cases

Get more value
out of your carefully curated data

Virtualitics + Databricks allows analysts to leverage the power of Intelligent Exploration to uncover the deep insight in complex data while keeping that data secure. Data is queried within Databricks and explored in-memory in Virtualitics with embedded AI and true 3D visuals, enabling analysts to do advanced exploration of complex business problems. Expand the impact of your data by empowering the analyst with Virtualitics’ Intelligent Exploration.

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