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Virtualitics delivers an AI platform and custom workflows for the federal government to improve operational readiness, optimize investment opportunities, drive mission support, and discover intelligence insights.

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Operational Readiness

Improve the performance of your fleet or assets through predictive analytics. Reduce unplanned downtime, improve asset availability, optimize manpower resources, and enhance your operational readiness.


  • Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
  • Resource Constraints and Capacity Assessment
  • Maintenance Schedule Optimization
  • Workforce Analytics for Automated Pilot Report
  • Integrated Resource Optimization for Aircraft Availability
  • Automated Reporting and Monitoring Using Deficiency Report
  • Manpower Analytics and Optimization

Investment Analysis

Discover key trends, funding overlaps, and strategic opportunities for government spending with our customizable Knowledge Graph and dashboards.


  • Resource Allocation
  • Financial Situational Awareness

Mission Support

Maintain situational awareness of the physical and cyber battlespaces with Anomaly Detection and Object Tracking workflows.


  • Biometric Analysis for Tailored Training
  • Pattern Identification
  • Data-Enabled Photogrammetry for Mission Insights
  • Constraint Optimizer for Weapon Systems

Intelligence Analysis

3D visualizations that help you discover new insights, automate repetitive tasks, and create dynamic presentations to share across the organization.


  • Cyber Analytics for PCAP Logs
  • Vessel Lane Detection for Maritime Domain Awareness

Space Analysis

Maintain Space Domain Awareness with our pattern-of-life, multi-INT data analysis, anomaly detection, and risk management workflows designed for space operations.


  • Anomaly Detection for Space Domain Awareness
  • Similarity Analysis for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Events

Virtualitics AI Platform in Action

"Virtualitics created some predictive [covid] models… we started tracking their predictions and then we went back and tracked how accurate they were …It was incredibly accurate, certainly more than accurate enough for us to make very timely decisions."

General Timothy Ray

Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command

"Predictive maintenance will absolutely change the game for commanders," said Maj. General Jeff Taliaferro, U.S. Air Force (Ret), "Virtualitics makes it possible for not only improved day-to-day decisions but even more importantly deployment decisions. Knowing in advance an aircraft will need a major repair before deployment will enable much better decisions that could save missions and millions of taxpayer dollars."

Maj. General Jeff Taliaferro

U.S. Air Force (Ret)

Working with Virtualitics

Virtualitics is NIST 800-171 compliant, on the AF Evaluated Product List for NIPR and SIPR,
and has ATO software approvals for NIPR, SIPR, and JWICs.

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