Virtualitics AI Platform: Predict

The Predict solution enables you to create and automate the delivery of AI and analytic flows to end users. Flows within the Predict solution are modular, highly customizable, analytic routines designed to provide users with answers for a specific, recurring use case, whether that’s an AI-prescribed action, an AI-generated prediction, or an analysis or dashboard providing insight.

Explainable & Responsible

Virtualitics: Predict enable you to provide end users with the analytic insight they need to take action. This includes providing analytics to explain the AI and ML results included in the flow and interactive scenario modeling to enable users to to challenge results by changing data inputs. Ensure that users understand the insight and are able to take responsible, informed action.

Ready for Insight

Automate the data preprocessing required to support your flows so that the end users can dive into the latest analytic insight or predictions. Our data processing scales to work with your big data clusters like Spark and can support the multiple concurrent workloads of a large userbase.

Deploy to Meet Your Needs

The Flow process enables you to deploy the flows you need as you need them, without a lot of scarce technical resources.

Safe & Secure

In an on-premise deployment, your data never leaves your environment and deployment strategies are built around security-hardened containers (STIG compliant and vulnerability scanned)