Aakash Indurkhya

Head of Product

Aakash Indurkhya has led the vision and development of the Virtualitics AI Platform and AI Apps launched on the platform, including Integrated Readiness Optimization, over the past seven years. As Head of Product, he is focused on solving the ‘data-driven decision paradox’ that is observed across the analytics and AI industry. Aakash was previously the Co-Head of AI at Virtualitics and continues to collaborate with the team to drive innovation with AI, focusing on explainable AI and data transparency to build trust in AI-driven decisions.

A Caltech graduate (Computer Science, 2016) specializing in machine learning and systems engineering, Aakash founded and taught a course on big data frameworks during his time there. His research contributions span computational theory at Caltech and computational science at Duke University. Before Virtualitics, Aakash worked as an AI consultant in various industries, including infrastructure management, sports analytics, retail, and media.

Virtualitics named a Sample Vendor in 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.