VIP 1.3: Explore the new release

We are proud to announce our newest release, VIP 1.3 that boasts better performance that includes faster plotting, analysis and insights generation, especially with larger data sets. Download it today or request a trial if you are not yet a client.

Improved AI-routines and analytics tools

Faster Machine Learning routines and expanded functionalities allow for quicker analysis. You can now easily modify previous experiments and use the improved Halo and Pulsation features to drive even more insights. New ways of loading data have been added, following industry standards and client feedback. We now support connections to Hadoop, MongoDB, SAP, Web and more. Key features in the latest version enable users to go even further with their data. Users will now be able to aggregate data, create additional columns and sub-sample large datasets before loading them in.

smart mapping

AI-driven analysis and visualization: Smart Mapping, Anomaly Detection and all the other routines have been improved. It is also now easier to change previous runs and get more refined insights

Support for the new generation of VR headsets

Besides Rift S and HTC Vive, we now fully support HTC Pro and the new, tetherless, Oculus Quest. Alpha support for the WMR family is available as well. 1.3 boasts an improved VR experience for data sharing, presentation and collaboration, with crisper environments and more natural ways of interacting with plots and panels. Full immersion modality is available to completely dive into the visualizations and better understand patterns and anomalies.


VIP now supports Oculus Quest, the newest device in the Oculus family, released in May 2019, for a seamless experience without cables in the way

New API functions

The Virtualitics API integration has received several significant upgrades. It now allows users to add more rows to their currently loaded dataset, improving the ability to find insights in a regularly updated data set. Another great feature, it allows you to script a workflow in desktop and VR.

Through each of these enhanced features in performance, device compatibility, API integration and the interaction with data, VIP aims to offer the user the most comprehensive and robust set of tools for finding insights in their data, faster.  Request a trial to unlock all the functionalities!


1 million point-cloud data set representing a point of interest surrounded by a variety of different landscapes. Point-cloud data can come from different sources, such as LIDAR.

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