Expert advisory

Across our team, we bring a unique blend of over a decade of advanced machine learning research experience combined with a fundamental understanding of how these techniques can be applied and deployed most effectively in industry settings. We have  provided our clients with fully deployed solutions including:

  • Custom built ML models and data workflows that integrate seamlessly into their existing tech stacks
  • Training and teaching to facilitate knowledge transfer from our ML experts to our clients
  • Thorough reviews of existing workflow to provide guidance and suggestions for current and future ML projects
  • Customized environments



Data driven visualization

Case study: Top 10 asset manager

For one of our clients we used VIP to identify insights and drive feature selection, model diagnostics, and collaboration. We then designed and deployed a machine learning pipeline that predicts asset returns.

Our customized machine learning model is now in use and outperformed an existing model designed by some of Wall Street’s leading analysts by 40%.

More than just machine learning

Our machine learning team comes from a diverse range of academic backgrounds spanning from astrophysics to neuroscience.

Our breadth in science and engineering provides us with an amazing knowledge base to draw from leading to better, more creative solutions that consistently outperform industry standards.