Life Sciences

Improve patient outcomes and accelerate discovery

Get AI-assisted visualizations and predictions that point at the opportunity to act, whether you’re untangling a medical mystery, putting new treatment into action, or working to improve patient care.

Use Cases

Pharma and bio research

  • Drug discovery and drug repurposing
  • Outcome trend modeling
  • Predictive maintenance

Hospital systems & providers

  • Identify and align treatment plans
  • Optimize revenue cycle management
  • Deliver targeted health interventions

Healthcare insurers

  • Predict high-risk claims
  • Optimize revenue cycle management
  • Prevent fraud

What clients are saying

Accelerating time to insight

“Virtualitics can help domain experts easily perform and share the results of sophisticated data analysis at a level usually reserved for data scientists.”

Professor Jim Heath
President of the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)

Isoplexis leverages Virtualitics AI Platform

IsoPlexis, a life science technology company developing a single-cell detection system partnered with Virtualitics to generate more robust insights around proteomic connections.


Our customers are leveraging AI to achieve groundbreaking results and save lives.