Life Sciences

Improve patient outcomes and accelerate discovery.

Get proactive with ready-to-use advanced analytics that provides clarity on diagnoses, treatment, and trends.

Use Cases

Pharma and Bio Research

  • Drug discovery and drug repurposing
  • Outcome trend modeling
  • Predictive maintenance

Hospital Systems & Providers

  • Identify and align treatment plans
  • Optimize revenue cycle management
  • Deliver targeted health interventions


  • Predict high-risk claims
  • Optimize revenue cycle management
  • Prevent fraud

Empower everyone to infuse the data with their expertise for meaningful action

  • Turn unwieldy data into clear visuals that health experts can explore, understand, and apply to their areas of expertise
  • Support collaboration with shared access to insight so everyone starts from the same place of understanding
  • Streamline everyday day decisions–what treatment, and for whom, who’s at risk, and where can we be more efficient?

Demystify AI with validation flows and clear, explorable visuals

  • Model different scenarios to test the influence of a variety of factors and identify the best points for intervention
  • Powerful visuals with AI-assisted exploration to surface critical information, no matter how complex and vast the data set
  • Give researchers the opportunity to ‘see for themselves’ with tangible visualizations that show how all the data fits together

Make smarter decisions by embedding AI in the everyday/flow of work

  • Understand what needs to be done and then take the appropriate action in one motion
  • Seamlessly integrate best-in-class machine learning and visualizations into your existing processes and tech stack
  • The world is changing too fast to build AI–find insight to act today on with proven, patented AI that’s ready to use

Our life sciences customers are leveraging AI to achieve groundbreaking results and save lives.


“Virtualitics allows life sciences researchers to find new insights in multi-omics data sets significantly faster than current workflows.”

Patrick Paczkowski
SVP of Software, IsoPlexis


“Virtualitics can help domain experts easily perform and share the results of sophisticated data analysis at a level that is usually reserved for data scientists .”

Prof Jim R. Heath
President, Institute for Systems Biology

IsoPlexis Duomic - In Partnership with Virtualitics