Lisa Marie Cheney

Partner, Mission Reliance Partners

Lisa Marie Cheney is a thought leader and noted expert on business development and corporate strategies for doing business with the federal government. She has served at the highest levels of government and within the commercial industry. Her areas of expertise include defense and national security, intelligence, energy, homeland security, cyber security, and foreign policy. Ms. Cheney currently serves a Partner with Mission Reliance Partners, a firm specializing in federal business and strategy development, with a focus on cutting edge AI/ML technology applications to enhance government mission needs and requirements, especially related to U.S. national security. Ms. Cheney currently serves on the advisory boards of Veritone Inc. and Symetrica.

Previously, Lisa Marie Cheney worked on the National Security Council Transition Team for President-elect Trump. She was responsible for developing the future policy strategy for the national security council which included the first 100-day, 200 day and long-term policy strategy for the Trump Administration. She was directly responsible for vetting key personnel currently serving on the NSC and in the DoD. She was also appointed to serve on the Department of Energy Nuclear Energy Advisory Board from 2017 – 2020. In that capacity, she was the co-chair of the International Subcommittee, tasked with assessing and promoting the United States competitive position related to SMRs and Advanced Nuclear Reactors. Ms. Cheney also served as a Senior Advisor on the Joint Staff Innovation Group. From 2012-2015, Lisa Marie worked with Jim Ervin at Ervin Graves Strategy where she worked a cadre of defense, energy, cybersecurity and healthcare reform issues. She has also served as the Senior Director for Government Relations and Strategy and Planning for Chemring North America. Chemring North America is the U.S. business of Chemring Group, an established U.K defense company, recognized as a key supplier of defense products to include pyrotechnics, countermeasures, energetic devices, chem/bio detection, man-rated commercial and military space components, and the ground penetrating radar technology used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the George W. Bush Administration, Lisa Marie Cheney served the President as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Outreach, and the Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Office of Secretary of Defense Legislative Affairs. In that capacity, Ms. Cheney was responsible for all strategy, outreach, and contact between the U.S. Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies, and the U.S. Congress. She traveled with senior delegations composed of Senators, Congressman and Governors around the world working to strengthen and preserve America’s national security. She assisted all components of the US Department of Defense with the fiscal year budget preparations and participated in high level policy negotiations with US government, as well as government leaders around the world, related to global national security efforts.

Ms. Cheney owned and operated a government relations and strategy company, PSMA, Inc., from 1994 – 2010. (She took a leave of absence from 2006 – 2008 while serving the Bush Administration, and as Director of Surrogate Operations for the 2008 McCain Campaign). During that time, she worked on high profile defense issues including both offensive and defense missile systems and missile defenses. Ms. Cheney also worked on many issues related to arms control, military satellites, C4ISR programs, and next generation F-22, JSF, F-18 E/F fighter aircraft. She has also been active in preserving the shipbuilding industry, and the industrial base infrastructure in Norfolk and Newport News, VA. From late 2008 – late 2010 Ms. Cheney served as the senior management consultant for Strategy and Planning for BAE Systems, Inc.

Ms. Cheney is also very active in the Virginia Republican Party, and in 2004, was the 8th Congressional District Republican Candidate nominated to run against the incumbent Jim Moran. She has served in numerous capacities on both national presidential campaigns, as well as Virginia state and federal campaigns. She served as an appointed official on the Virginia National Security and Military Installations Committee established by VA Governor Bob McDonnell, a committee established to aid in the protection and increased viability of national security infrastructure in the state of Virginia.

Lisa Marie Cheney is a Graduate of The George Washington University with a degree in Political Science. She also holds a Master of Arts in National Security Statecraft from The Institute for World Politics, which at the time the degree was conferred was a degree program associated with Boston University, and a Certificate in Corporate Strategy from Harvard Business School.

Lisa Marie is also an active volunteer in Alexandria, spending her time working on many issues related to child welfare and education. She has served on the board of Mount Vernon Community Children’s Theater and is currently serving as Chairman of the Executive Board of Governors for Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, VA, and serves on The Commissioned By Christ Board of Directors, and Vice President of the Bishop Ireton Crew Association Board. Lisa Marie Cheney is a native of Alexandria, Virginia where she resides with her husband, David Cheney, a retired Commander in the U.S. Navy now working with Redhorse Inc, and their three children, Matthew a graduate of the University of Maryland, Kathryn (Kayla) an ensign in the U.S. Navy currently attending the Uniformed Services University Medical School, and Elizabeth, a Freshman at the University of South Carolina.

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