Be mission-ready with intelligent analysis

Be ready to act with AI-assisted analysis of huge volumes of data, regardless of source of format, enabling your people to take the right action—to keep troops safe, optimize logistics, secure networks, and more

Use Cases

Stay mission-ready

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Real-time situation monitoring, no matter the data source

Optimize response

  • Scenario modeling 
  • Resource allocation

Mitigate risk

  • Identify network vulnerabilities
  • Proactively monitor and identify activity of concern

What clients are saying

Timely decisions with accurate predictions

“Virtualitics created some predictive [covid] models… we started tracking their predictions and then we went back and tracked how accurate they were …It was incredibly accurate, certainly more than accurate enough for us to make very timely decisions.”

General Timothy Ray
Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command

Our federal partners are leveraging AI to improve efficiency to better enhance our branches in the military.