Uncover Hidden Relationships in Your Data in Seconds.

Why Virtualitics + Databricks?

With Databricks + Virtualitics, you can deliver more value from your data by getting data insights into the hands of the business.

Expand the Reach and Increase Efficiency

Deliver more value from your data by getting it into the hands of those who can identify insights and take action, while still keeping the data where it resides and maintaining corporate governance.

Accelerate Time to Insight

Quickly uncover key insights hidden in your data with AI-driven exploration that guides you towards what matters and eliminates hours of tedious data analysis and query large data sets with the ease of natural language.

Uncover Hidden Relationships

Transform complex data sets into powerful network graphs and visualize them in 3D and virtual reality. Powerful network graphs allow you to understand the predictive relationships in your data that traditional BI and 2D visualizations can’t see.

How the Virtualitics and Databricks integration works

The Virtualitics AI Platform helps teams make better use of what’s in a data lake.

You can explore your data using AI to do the legwork, drop yourself into a visual story in a matter of seconds, get AI-generated recommendations in simple terms, and take action, in one platform. The thousands of companies that rely on Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform to unify their data and produce usable analytics and AI can:

  • Easily and securely connect to data in Databricks Delta. Simply connect directly from the Virtualitics AI Platform and your data stays securely where it resides.
  • Accelerate discovery using AI. Our 3D, multivariable, AI-guided visualizations find and illuminate data relationships in complex relationships (up to two 12 dimensions) in ways that 2D visualizations can’t.
  • Transform tabular data into network graphs. In just a few clicks you can transform tabular data into intuitive, meaningful, and interactive 3D network graphs, without having to do a lot of formatting.

And you can facilitate all of this while keeping access to your data secure and without having to manage a bunch of credentials. After your administrator sets up a Databricks cluster for use in Virtualitics, your team of data scientists, analysts, and business users can access the configured data cluster from Virtualitics. Data remains secure without slowing anyone down.

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