“A few years ago The Economist declared: “Oil is no longer the world’s most valuable resource. It is data.” Data is critical to our health care work, yet only if it translates into meaningful business insights and actions. The System Optimization team is finding innovative ways to translate our data, including data gamification, to improve our efficiency and results.

In the past, Fraser Health delivered data primarily via PDFs and Excel spreadsheets. There was little interaction between data analysts and clinical partners on how reports were prepared what the data meant, or what meaningful actions health care leaders could take as a result.

For the future health of our system, data needs to be presented in a more meaningful way to simplify decision-making. The team took on a challenge to gamify health care data using virtual reality. They used a Virtualitics Immersive Platform to create an environment where clinicians can feel like they are stepping into their data, experiencing it in real time as moveable graphics simply by putting on a VR headset at their desk.

“Let’s gamify our relationship with data,” said Hardeep Chaggar, Executive Director of System Optimization. “I want to walk into my data lake, play with my data cubes, and see what is there.”

In this virtual setting, users are able to play with data to reveal anomalies or trends. Multiple people from the same project can log into this VR environment together to talk about and explore the data in real time. VIP USE

Visualizing healthcare data with VR has several advantages. Users can view multiple metrics at once to help surface new patterns and insights. In the Virtualitics Immersive Platform, users can manipulate and interact with multidimensional data to support critical business insights.

Virtual reality also reduces unnecessary travel time and expense. Instead of one analyst paired with each site, VR collaboration allows an analyst at a head office to work with multiple clinicians in the field. This helps us maximize data engineering and science resources and improve the way analysts connect with direct care staff.

Chaggar recently presented a prototype of this vision at a technology summit in Las Vegas, where it won a best innovation award — a testament to the transformative impact VR technology and Virtualitics can bring to our health care system.

Do you want to gamify your data for better health care delivery? Contact Hardeep.chaggar@fraserhealth.ca to book a consultation.”

Featured image: Gustavo Estrada, Hardeep Chaggar, Thomas Hruby.

Submitted by Casper Shyr,
Manager, Predictive Analytics: Fraser Health

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